COTA has a number of creative projects which aim to raise awareness about environmental issues by choosing recycled materials or by recycling them ourselves and constructing artworks about topics such as the pollution of our oceans, the exaggerated use of plastic and so on.

“Plastic stone Curtain” or “Suspended Sea”

The “Plastic Stone Curtain or “Suspended Sea” is an ongoing project representing the stones of the see replaced by plastic ones made of paper waste and resin. The movement of suspended stones recalls the waves of the see. By hitting each other, they sound also like stones transported by the waves.

The artwork is not about rejecting completely the use of plastic so closely related to modernity of the industrial era. We rather wish to incite people to think of different ways to use it in order to beautify our environment instead of polluting it.

The stones were painted in different shades of the most ancient colors of the universe: blues, greens, turquoises and purples. Some of them are transparent or showing abstract forms while others are covered with patterns inspired by Mediterranean, Islamic and South-American art to remember that all the cultures just like the earth itself exists thanks to those blue seas and oceans surrounding us. The Stones, hanging from a hand-painted wooden rod throw colorful shades on the white wall.

Recycled sand jewelry

Environmental consciousness means also that the objects that we use in our everyday life should be in harmony with Nature. Simple things, such as sand and colorful spices can be turned into beautiful objects too and we don’t really need expensive or highly prestigious materials to beautify our environment or even ourselves.

These pieces of sand jewelry are just one example how to create a bridge between Nature and artificial objects :

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