COTA Jewelry & Art shop

Discover with COTA a new way of wearing jewelry and support us to continue creating values

Cota’s pieces were made to encourage cultural exchange through creation. Cota’s jewelry is being created to remind how beautiful and playful the world can be thank to our cultural diversity.

By purchasing any of Cota’s creations, in addition to making yourself pretty and remarkable of course, you contribute to discriminate Cota’s message about cultural diversity you’ll help us to continue to create values through artistic creation and educational materials.

Visit our online shop to choose among more then 200 pieces of jewelry and unique artworks. You can also order directly by writing to: and pay by paypal (PayPal.Me/cotaong).



The heritage of different cultural identities are being recycled in our pieces : traditional Islamic geometric design meets contemporary minimalist design, Hungarian folk patterns come back to like in modern bohemian compositions, thee 20th century’s masterpieces of art are being transformed into wearable art.


Each collection represents an encounter between different universes. In this one tribal geometric design meets the lightness and delicateness of modern wire jewelry design.


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