Words or images ?

There is something extremely intriguing in Arabic writing : in its curves and its flexibility. Their cursive forms give you so many possibilities to starch and tilt them that you obtain many different forms. Several artists have exploited the potential of Arabic letters and words to become images from to Middle-Ages up until today in religious as well as secular contexts.

You can find some beautiful examples here :

Why wouldn’t you follow this tradition by creating your own word-images with Arabic letters ? In addition to aesthetic pleasure and the joy of creating, it is also an efficient way to learn words and never forget them !

In the following word-images my idea was to create simple geometric forms and to arrange their names into them:

The square: مربع

The circle: دائرة

The egg: بيض

If your intention is not to use real words, you can just get inspired by Arabic writing to create patterns:

Images has been turned into personal objects for ages as people wanted to process them, to touch them and even to wear them. This is what I did by transforming these word-images into jewelry using resin, stones and beads and silver wires :

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